IT Asset Disposition:

Security, Sustainability & Value Recovery

Partner with ARCOA for the remarketing, recycling, and overall handling of your retired IT assets, and you’ll maximize your return on investment, secure 100% data destruction, and reap the benefits of environmental stewardship. This standing is important as it elevates your appeal to both businesses and employees—and meets government requirements.

Data Erasure and Destruction

IT assets often contain confidential and sensitive information such as customer and patient data, intellectual property, and financial information. To ensure your data is destroyed and unrecoverable, we practice stringent data sanitization processes, including data destruction, data erasure, and de-identification of all assets that are processed through an ARCOA facility. In all cases, we guarantee 100% data destruction.


Our secure process includes:

  • NAID AAA certified
  • NIST SP 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M compliant processes
  • Software that can perform multiple types of logical sanitization including overwriting using various patterns, secure erase, enhanced secure erase, block erase, cryptographic erase, and more
  • Hard drive and tape shredding, crushing, and degaussing
  • Solid-state drive shredding and crushing
  • Mobile and onsite shredding of data-bearing devices, including hard drives and solid-state drives
  • Remote wiping of data-bearing devices
  • Detailed reports with serialized identification from each hard drive and final destruction method
  • Robust quality-control checks to verify complete and permanent data sanitization for each sanitized device
  • Independent third-party data sanitization validation

Asset Tracking

From pickup to destination in our secure chain of custody, we track each asset with an extensive auditing process for your records and security. During the process, your assets are handled by our own professionals and audited at each point, with real-time reporting for the tracking and viewing of all assets—and proper reporting and certificates to meet all tracking requirements.


In addition to real-time reporting for the tracking and viewing of all assets, we provide reports detailing the retirement or redeployment of each serialized asset. Environmental data reporting details the environmental impact and benefits of proper recycling of assets. Whatever your document and reporting requirements, we can design a cost-effective solution that meets your needs while minimizing the costs that consume the residual value. Our goal is to make sure you can rest easy with a documented end-of-life for your assets.


Information documented for your records includes:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Customer asset tag
  • Resale or recycling disposition
  • Any additional information requested

Testing and Remarketing

Our trained and skilled technicians test every asset and part that we sell. Our 30 years of experience selling through local, national, and global markets allow us to maximize the value back to our clients.

3 ARCOA trucks parked in a straight row in an outdoor lot during the day


We offer flexible transportation solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether moving pallets of computers across the country, decommissioning a data center, or simply moving a copier from one office to another, ARCOA can take care of it all. We use our fleet of trucks with ARCOA’s vetted professionals to provide a secure and documented chain of custody.

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Ready to put your retired IT assets to work for your business? Contact us to get the conversation started or request a quote. ARCOA has all the solutions you need to turn old IT assets into new revenue.

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