Asset Value Recovery

Phasing out old electronics in favor of new ones helps keep your business current, but your retired computers, laptops, servers and network gear, cell phones and tablets as well as copiers and more may still be useful to someone else. We help find resale value in retired IT assets and manage the entire exchange through a comprehensive, secure process — protecting businesses from unwanted liability.

Your pickup request will be handled by our private fleet, ensuring a seamless chain of custody from your location to our centralized secure processing facility.

Once we collect your assets, we put them through documented data destruction, providing you with records tied to each machine’s manufacturer serial number. This is one of the measures we take to keep your proprietary and sensitive information secure. We’ll also remove your business identification from the assets, preparing your equipment for a fresh start with its purchaser.

Remarketing Process:

  1. Integrated Logistics
  2. Data Destruction and De-identification
  3. Auditing & Reporting
  4. Resale & Delivery

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