Asset Recycling

There’s much more to recycling office electronics than just environmental impact. When conducted properly, it’s also an important security measure, protecting businesses, their employees, and their customers from dispersing sensitive information. At ARCOA, we audit retired, obsolete and rundown IT assets, putting them through strict data destruction processes that are R2 certified for complete data elimination. Once data is confirmed destroyed, our team disassembles each machine at our in-house facility. The recovered commodities are then sent annually audited third-party recycling consumers for process into new materials.

Here’s what you can expect when trusting ARCOA Group with your electronics recycling:

  1. Our private transport fleet picks up your unwanted electronics at your request.
  2. All assets are delivered to our processing facility with a seamless chain of custody.
  3. Assets are audited and put through strict data destruction.
  4. We provide you with reporting and certificates to meet your tracking requirements.
  5. Assets are then disassembled in-house for recycling.