ARCOA Expands To Albuquerque, NM

ARCOA Group (ARCOA ITAD, ARCOA Recycling and Midwest Copier) has opened a refurbishing and reuse facility in Albuquerque, NM to support our existing ITAD and Lease Returns business and our OEM brands. The facility is located at 1301 Broadway Blvd, Suite E, Albuquerque, NM 87102. The location has multiple docks and bays and a security fence around the front for vehicle parking. Separate copier and ITAD / Recycling divisions will operate from the adjoining suites. The initial space is a bit under 20,000 square feet and we have already identified a second building for growth as needed.

The new facility is adjacent to both I-25 and I-40 to allow easy access to both north/south and east/west customers. ARCOA envisions this hub will be able to support our existing and new clients within a 700-mile radius of the facility. Before choosing Albuquerque for expansion, ARCOA searched for property along I-25 corridor from Cheyenne, WY to El Paso, TX. ARCOA determined that Albuquerque offered the best value in terms of warehouse space and a properly trained workforce.

While ARCOA will handle proper R2 recycling at this location, the focus will be on ITAD services for client equipment and off-lease copier returns. ARCOA strives to refurbish every unit that enters it facilities to return maximum value to our customers and extend the life of existing equipment by giving it a second life. As we ramp up the facility we will have hard drive wiping, degaussing and shredding capabilities to facilitate compliance with new data security laws entering the field. We will also have full testing/refurbishing for most ITAD equipment. Copiers will be refurbished and resold into domestic and international markets. Equipment that fails and cannot be repaired will have working parts harvested to extend the lives of other equipment. Parts harvesting is an exciting new part of the electronics refurbishing field that promotes reuse even at its smallest part as a societal good. We anticipate upwards of 10,000 copiers to pass through our walls within the first year of operation.

The decision to open a new location is partly in response to the shifting transportation environment, where driver and freight shortages require creative solutions to offer top-shelf customer service. Albuquerque has been traditionally underserved by refurbishing and reuse operations and this should add value to the city as it tries to engage in waste reduction and the circular economy.

To facilitate opening the new location, ARCOA Group brought on an established industry veteran to open its facility. Joe Clayton is VP of Business Development and will handle the day-to-day operations.



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