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When educational institutions purchase new IT equipment, they often overlook the importance of data residing on the old equipment. Federal laws have been enacted to protect student data, and proper disposal and erasure of retired IT assets is vital. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Protection … Read more

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89% of organizations recycle less than 10% of their IT hardware1 It’s a shocking statistic in a world so desperate for businesses to take more action for the good of the environment. Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 1,000 organizations with annual revenues more than $1 billion to understand their outlook on … Read more

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Over the past few decades new islands have been forming in the Pacific Ocean. But these aren’t the kind you would want to visit on a tropical vacation. Instead, they are massive floating islands of trash that are twice the size of Texas in girth and made mostly of plastics. … Read more

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Businesses today face numerous options and decisions in the acquisition phase of their IT assets’ lifecycle.  Myriad factors such as business requirements, the decision to lease or buy, support costs and budgetary constraints all impact a business’ decision whether to extend or shrink their overall IT refresh cycle.  Effective IT … Read more

By Michael Vosnos, ARCOA – Last month, ARCOA President George Hinkle was among a group of the nation’s recycling leaders who went to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional leaders and Trump Administration officials.  The group’s message to leaders was that while the nation’s industrial, commercial, and residential recycling infrastructure … Read more

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By Michael Vosnos ITAD Consultant ARCOA Group Global expenditures on information security in 2019 is expected to exceed $124 Billion, an increase of 12.4 percent over the previous year, according to Gartner an industry research firm.  This is in response to an increasingly complex threat matrix, more numerous network entry … Read more

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