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SCRAP PURCHASING AND RECYCLING A trusted partner providing certified electronics recycling and maximizing scrap value. REVERSE LOGISTICS We’re your full-service partner for returns management, product remarketing, inventory tracking, product destruction and transportation services. MARKETS WE SERVE Electronic Recyclers Manufacturers Itad Providers Retailers & Refurbishers Scrap Recyclers Distributors

Electronics Recycling In House Disassembly

Proper disposal of IT assets via electronics recycling is vital for both security and downstream impact, but it can also generate additional value. Once retired electronic equipment is delivered to our facility via our private, secure fleet, it goes through an exhaustive, SERI R2-certified data elimination process, protecting our customers from … Read more

Auditing and Reporting

From pickup to destination in our secure chain of custody, we track each machine with an extensive Auditing & Reporting process for your records and security. We provide you with the individual manufacturer asset tag information along with equipment status, from data sanitation to allocation for resale, recycle, or scrap. … Read more

Certifications and Memberships

R2:2013 Responsible Recycling The R2:2013 Standard is the latest version of R2, the electronics recycling industry’s leading certification. Each provision of the R2 Standard is designed to help ensure the quality, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility, of R2 Certified electronics recycling facilities. R2:2013 was developed through a transparent multi-stakeholder … Read more

Reverse Logistics

Using our extensive Reverse Logistics experience, we provide return and recycling solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of many different product lines. We develop custom solutions for product recalls, warranty returns and overstock items. We offer: Returns management from distribution centers and retail sites Sorting, evaluation, inventory, and reporting Asset recovery … Read more

Commodities and Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales ARCOA sells large quantities of laptops, desktops, monitors, networking equipment, memory, processors and more. Our trained technicians test every item we sell to ensure you are satisfied with every Commodities and Equipment purchase. Scrap Sales For buyers of scrap, you will be required to complete an extensive questionnaire and … Read more

Scrap Purchasing

We buy many types of eScrap, whole electronics, non-ferrous metals, batteries and more from producers all over the United States. We offer competitive pricing, knowledgeable customer service, prompt reporting and payment and excellent customer experience. We are all about relationships and strive for lasting relationships with our customers and downstream … Read more

ESCRAP Overview Illinois, New Mexico

Since its founding in 2008, ARCOA has established itself as an industry leader in the recycling and processing of electronics scrap. Our management has over 30 years of experience in scrap and precious metals recycling. As an R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified electronics recycler, you can be assured … Read more